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Proforce Group of Companies provides defence solutions to its customers with an integrated suite of armored vehicle manufacturing, Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance and other security services.


Incorporated in 2008 as a subsidiary of O’la-Kleen Holdings Limited, Proforce Limited has become the only total defence provider in West Africa. As Nigeria’s first and only indigenous defence manufacturing company, Proforce Land systems specializes in personal protection suitable to the Land systems striving to being the worldwide leader in the manufacture of defence solutions.


Proforce Intelligence Systems Limited is an Indigenous Defence Solution provider that addresses threats with the use of sophisticated Technology to develop Modern Solutions in the Defence Industry. Proforce Intelligence Systems has strong interest in the development and production of various systems for Homeland Security, Crowd Control, Cyber Security, Border Security, Defence and Law Enforcement Agencies.


Deto Shipyards Limited is a world-class producer of advanced boats for naval patrol, escort, attack, maritime interdiction, and border protection mission on the waterway.  We also produce commercial boats for the secondary market (leisure, fishing etc.,) whenever there is demand. Since its inception, Deto Shipyards Limited has built a reputation for high quality products, which help the user to perform their job effectively.


Proforce Air Systems Limited is an indigenous organisation set up to provide defence  solutions that address threats with the use of sophisticated technology to develop modern Aerospace Products and Services for the Air Defence Industry. Proforce has established
strategic partnership with its technical partners all over the world to ensure the local development, supply and installation of advanced unmanned security solutions and air systems in Nigeria and across Africa.


WMO Gadgets is an indigenous global brand manufacturer of high quality and superior tactical body armor protection for Civilians, Police, Law enforcement, Military. Our body armor helmets and vest offer levels B3 and B4 protection level.


Proforce Galaxies is an indigenous solution provider that proffer solutions to the myriad of new security challenges with the use of new discoveries in space and satellite technologies. Proforce Galaxies has the potency to offer top notch security surveillance of Homeland Security, Railway Track Monitoring, Crowd Control, Airport, Stadium, Border and Perimeter Surveillance and Oil & Gas Facility Protection, Defence and Law Enforcement Agencies with the use of homegrown deployed satellite.