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Proforce invests heavily in exposing and developing the human capital resources of members of its host communities and provision of job employment opportunities.


We engage regularly with stakeholders in our host communities because we have realized that engaging and developing people is the catalyst needed for the positive growth and development that we yearn for in our society and beyond.

Career in Proforce


Training and Development at Work

Proforce Academy is the training school run by Proforce Limited which was incorporated in 2008 as a total defence solutions provider.We are deeply diving and investing in training, bridging skills gaps and learning interventions in order to stimulate productivity and improve performance.  This enables our business and those of our clients maintain a competitive edge in today’s competitive global business landscape. Training is one of our top priority because the benefits to our employees and our various clients are numerous.

Purpose of Our Training and Development Strategies

Our aims for implementation of training strategies and interventions are:

  • Improve our workforce level of awareness
  • Increase staff and client skill in one or more areas of expertise
  • Increase staff motivation to perform their job well
  • Increase overall productivity and performance of both staff and client
  • Increased staff loyalty/feelings of obligation and motivation
  • Create a more flexible, empowered and adaptable workforce
  • Build an enhanced company image