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We offer after sales support on all our products to ensure maximum satisfaction on services  rendered to our clients. Our technical team are always ready to provide support to our clients.

We carry out repairs on various brands of armoured vehicles both commercial and military in all our armouring plants within and outside Nigeria.


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MRO is a team of creative individuals with a core value of quintessential and eclectic service delivery. The team is made of Engineers, experienced technicians, mechatronic experts and scarcely found professionals. Through their wealth of expertise, they provide unmatched refurbishment services on APC vehicles, Armored SUVs, Armored Sedan, and Armored Cash in Transit vehicles and Military MRAP. They equally handle repairs and maintenance of the aforementioned.  They are well  equipped with state of the art  machines  and offers top notch care in all form of chassis reconstruction, ballistic steel installation, replacement of delaminated ballistic glasses, heavy duty suspension upgrade, brakes building/calibration , engine overhauling (diesel and gasoline) ,transmission repairs, Central inflation system repairs, Air conditioner  modification, upholstery works, painting works and all kind of vehicle construction .

With a plethora of dedicated and innovative workforce, MRO stands as the only Certified Center for repairs of Armored and bullet Proofed vehicles in Nigeria. Prices are fantastic, delivery is timely and quality is superb.

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