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Incorporated in 2008 as a subsidiary of O’la-Kleen Holdings Limited, Proforce has become the pioneer and only total defence provider in West Africa. As Nigeria’s first and only indigenous defence manufacturing company, Proforce is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and specializes in offering defence solutions that ensure personal protection across all terrains; in the sea, the air and on the land.


About Us

Driven by the passion to indigenize localisation of armored products, Proforce employs 100% indigenous technicians, welders and electricians
across its three (3) bases situated in Nigeria, Dubai and India.

Over the past fifteen years, Proforce has leveraged research and exploited deep technical know-how to produce and develop an outstanding portfolio of products for domestic and international clients including but not limited to; Nigerian Government,
Chadian Government, Rwandan Government.



Proforce Training School

Proforce utilizes her superior craftsmanship to produce outstanding products that are in line with Internationally Certified Ballistic Standard Materials  (CEN Level B7/NIJ IV, CEN B6/NIJ III) and Military Standards STANAG 4569 Level 2/2A/2B.