Proforce is a specialized manufacturer of armoured vehicles in Nigeria and supplies a wide spectrum of defence solutions since 2008.

Why Proforce Armoured Vehicles?

  • Provision of adequate protective overlaps around door discontinuities & major joints.

  • On-the-spot manufacturing of ballistic glasses, thereby avoiding quick de-lamination.

  • Tailored solution in accordance with customers’ requirements.

  • Enhancement of suspensions based on additional weight.

  • Allowing customers to have a view of the armoured vehicle during production.
  • Use of only internationally certified ballistic raw materials.

  • Installation of ballistic glasses that have passed; temperature, transmissive, multi-hit, vibration, sand and dust tests.

  • Installation of run-flat tire inserts.

  • Utilizing high grade ballistic steel and composite armours.

Our Clients

Proforce Armoured Vehicles Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

  • Replacement of delaminated or damaged bullet resistant glass

  • Heavy duty suspensions replacement.

  • Armour upgrade.

  • Replacement of damaged brake systems.

  • Complete refurbishement of accidented vehicles.

  • Paint job.

  • Replacement of damaged run-flat inserts.