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NIGERIAN CHIEF OF DEFENCE STAFF General Christopher Gwabin Musa visits proforce command center

Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa, recently paid a significant visit to the Proforce facility, a leading defense solutions provider in Nigeria. This visit is part of ongoing efforts to enhance the local defense manufacturing capabilities and reduce reliance on foreign imports for military equipment.

During his tour of the Proforce facility, General Musa was given a comprehensive overview of the company’s operations, including its cutting-edge production processes and innovative technological advancements. Proforce, known for its expertise in armored vehicle manufacturing, Drones and other defense-related products, showcased its latest developments aimed at bolstering national security.

General Musa expressed his admiration for Proforce’s achievements, highlighting the critical role the company plays in strengthening Nigeria’s defense infrastructure. He emphasized the importance of self-reliance in defense production, noting that local manufacturing not only supports the economy but also ensures that the military’s needs can be met swiftly and efficiently.

The visit included detailed demonstrations of Proforce’s improved fast attack vehicles, including armored personnel carriers, tactical vehicles,drones and various other defense products. General Musa commended the high standards of quality and innovation evident in Proforce’s offerings. He also interacted with the engineers and technicians, appreciating their dedication and expertise in advancing Nigeria’s defense capabilities.

This visit underscores the Nigerian military’s commitment to fostering collaboration with local defense industries. By supporting and utilizing homegrown technologies, the Nigerian Armed Forces aim to enhance their operational readiness and overall defense posture. General Musa’s visit is seen as a reaffirmation of the military’s trust in local enterprises and a strategic move to encourage further investments in the defense sector.


In conclusion, General Christopher Gwabin Musa’s visit to the Proforce facility highlights a pivotal step towards achieving greater self-sufficiency in Nigeria’s defense industry. It reflects a broader vision of harnessing local talent and resources to secure the nation’s defense future, ensuring that Nigeria remains resilient and prepared in the face of evolving security challenges.