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Proforce Delivers Armoured cash-in-transit vehicle to ghana

Proforce, Africa’s leading defence manufacturer proudly announces the introduction of its cutting-edge cash-in-transit vehicles to the Ghanaian market. With an exceptional track record of providing state-of-the- art defence products globally, Proforce is poised to revolutionize the security landscape by offering maximum protection for all its esteemed clients.

Proforce’s cash-in-transit vehicles are built to the highest standards, incorporating cutting-edge materials and technologies to ensure unrivalled protection. The vehicles’ ballistic resistance, run-flat tire systems, advanced suspension, and secure communication capabilities exemplify the brand’s commitment to security excellence. Proforce’s foray into the Ghanaian market comes as a significant step towards bolstering security standards in the country.

The custom-built armoured cash-in-transit vehicles are specially designed to address security concerns in the Ghanaian banking industry. Unveiling the cash-in-transit vehicles, the management expressed excitement, noting that expanding the company’s operations to Ghana will provide advanced armoured solutions to safeguard valuable assets during cash-in-transit operations.

With an extensive portfolio of successful projects across the globe, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for governments, security agencies, and corporations alike. Proforce’s vehicles are meticulously engineered to withstand even the most challenging security scenarios, ensuring the safety of both our clients and their precious cargo.

About Proforce

 Proforce is an internationally recognized total defence solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of defence products tailored to meet diverse security requirements. With a strong presence in various countries, Proforce has built a reputation for delivering top-tier protection and reliability in all its offerings.

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