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DICON Act Signals Era of Self-Reliance: Proforce Leads Defence Innovation

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s recent amendment to the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) Act has revolutionised and ignited a transformative wave in Nigeria’s defence sector. This legislative milestone, enacted on November 23, 2023, ushers in an era of enhanced self-reliance and indigenous innovation in defence capabilities.

Under the newly ratified Act, DICON gains expanded authority to operate, maintain, and oversee subsidiaries and ordnance factories. This encompasses the manufacturing, storage, and disposal of ordnance and ancillary materials. Moreover, the Act heralds the establishment of the Defence Industry Technology, Research and Development Institute (DITRDI), laying the groundwork for pioneering scientific advancements in Nigeria’s defence industry.

At the vanguard of this progressive shift is Proforce Limited, a trailblazing indigenous defence manufacturing company. With the enactment of the DICON Act, Proforce emerges as a frontrunner in driving defence innovation and positioning Nigeria as a hub of self-sufficiency in the sector.

In a statement lauding the DICON Act’s significance, the Honourable Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru Abubakar, underscored the government’s steadfast commitment to prioritizing homegrown defence solutions. He praised President Tinubu’s visionary leadership in fostering an enabling environment for the flourishing of indigenous defence enterprises, emphasizing the Act’s pivotal role in fostering domestic defence manufacturing. During a recent official inspection of Proforce’s facilities in Ogun State, Minister Abubakar expressed admiration for the company’s manufacturing prowess. He underscored the significance of domestically produced defence assets, affirming their pivotal role in bolstering national security and sovereignty.

Proforce, renowned for its innovative armoured vehicles and defence products, epitomizes Nigeria’s potential for self-reliance in defence capabilities. Embracing a spirit of innovation and collaboration, Proforce has forged strategic alliances with renowned international entities such as Israeli Aerospace Industry for satellite production and Kalashnikov for weapons production. Additionally, Proforce has ventured into indigenous drone production, exemplifying Nigeria’s rapidly increasing proficiency in defence technologies.

The minister’s visit to Proforce’s facilities signifies a pivotal juncture in Nigeria’s defence industry evolution. It underscores Proforce’s unwavering commitment to innovation and self-reliance in fulfilling the nation’s security imperatives. As the DICON Act heralds a new dawn of self-sufficiency, Proforce emerges as a catalyst for Nigeria’s defence renaissance, driving the nation towards enhanced sovereignty and resilience in defence capabilities.


About Proforce

 Proforce is an internationally recognized total defence solutions provider, offering a comprehensive range of defence products tailored to meet diverse security requirements. With a strong presence in various countries, Proforce has built a reputation for delivering top-tier protection and reliability in all its offerings.

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