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Armoured vehicles were originally only used by the military, banks, and presidents or other heads of state, and only a small number of people were interested in buying them. However, as crime rates continue to grow, there has been a surge in demand for armoured cars and sophisticated security equipment. If you can afford some of the safest armoured vehicles on the market, you’ll find it fascinating to learn about them whether you’re a politician, celebrity, CEO, or government figure.

Armoured vehicles are built to be comfortable and resistant to gunshots from all directions. Because of the increase in crime rates, there is a greater desire in purchasing these bulletproof cars, particularly for their security and safety features. According to CAGR, the developing armoured vehicle market is estimated to reach $21.97 billion by 2026.

Armoured cars are built to meet different requirements in terms of protection. Customers are typically advised to base their purchases on the protection level and the efficiency of the car. The luxurious features and aesthetics should be considered after deciding on the level of protection. To adequately protect people, the most secure armoured vehicles must provide protection levels ranging from B4 to B7+.


The Proforce Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is a long-standing favourite among SUVs and security armoured vehicles. It is frequently used by non-profit groups, governmental organizations, security company fleets, embassies, business professionals and families. The TLC 200’s four-wheel drive capabilities, excellent off-road manoeuvrability, variety of diesel and gasoline engines, automatic and manual transmission options, varied trim levels, suspension and brake upgrades, and affordable price points ensure that many consumers around the world have a completely delightful experience.

The Proforce TLC provides 360-degree protections with exceptionally adaptable armouring and protection standards like CEN, NSA, NIJ, UL, and VPAM, allowing it to withstand grenade blasts and strong assault rifles from any direction. Thanks to cutting-edge innovation, it seamlessly blends superior engineering and security technologies to give an excellent safety and driving experience. The vehicle can also be customized with luxury design features such as a wall separating the driver’s seat from the VIP passenger compartment or additional legroom in the VIP lounge.

The popularity of the Toyota Land Cruiser LC 200 is due to its outstanding durability and simplicity of maintenance. With the largest global parts and service network, the Toyota Land Cruiser sets the standard for other OEM manufacturers to meet. For right-hand drive regions, the trim levels VXR, GXR, GR-Sport, GX, VX, and Sahara ZX are also available.

2. LEXUS LX 570 AND LX 600

The Proforce Lexus LX 570 and LX 600 are well-known for their toughness and powerful 5.7-liter, 383hp V8 and 3.5L V6 engines, which produce 409 HP and give both on-road and off-road travelers with a high level of performance and comfort. With multi-layered ballistic glass on all windows, stronger ballistic steel around the passenger compartment, and anti-mine protection, the Lexus LX

570 and LX 600 may be custom-armoured to combat multiple ballistic and explosive threats at Level 7 and Level 9 up to Stanag Level II. Because of this, as well as its 360-degree protection, it is ideal for use by both enterprises and governments.


The Proforce armored Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG uses cutting-edge technology to provide users with superior ballistic and blast protection, as well as a comprehensive redesign of both the external and interior design. Its 360-degree protection meets the ballistic standards at CEN B4, B5, and CEN B6, as well as NIJ III, ensuring that the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is highly protected from high-powered rifle shots.

The Proforce armoured Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG is a fantastic choice for use by governments, embassies, or businesses. It is equipped with an AMG 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that is enhanced by a nine-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter to produce up to 577 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque. It also includes intriguing luxury elements such as comfortable front seats and a contemporary back seat bench; a chrome package; and a media interface for connecting to an iPod, USB, or Aux device.


The Proforce Armoured Range Rover offers the best in luxury and comfort, as well as increased performance and top-tier security technologies to keep occupants secure. The Range Rover Autobiography has been overhauled by high-level reengineering, with amazing new features such as heated wood and leather steering wheels, automatic height adjustment, programmable ambient interior lighting, and executive class cooled rear seats.

The superb design and unrivaled craftsmanship lends a touch of class to the interior of the car, with Rear Executive Class seating, the Atlas front bumper, vent finishes, and side graphics. The bulletproof Range Rover is more visually appealing because of features such as multi-layered ballistic glass, numerous siren systems, front strobe lights, and others. Clients, including VIPs, notably politicians, government, and corporate groups, can select the elements that best meet their demands for tailored purposes.

Very few companies offer superior amouring that can endure tough terrain and this is why Proforce excels largely at proving excellent services that meet international standards yet give clients quality beyond their expectations. Request a quote now!

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