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How to Get Affordable Civilian Armoured Vehicles in Nigeria

A civilian armoured vehicle is specially constructed with reinforced components to safeguard its occupants, particularly from shots, explosions, and attacks. Its unique high level protective features, such as bulletproof glasses, layers of armour plating, well-protected tires (run flat tires), and a variety of defensive mechanisms, set it apart from typical military-built armoured vehicles like the MRAP, which are tough and loaded with hazardous features for combat terrains. Instead, civilian armoured vehicles are made to be attractive and comfortable.

Where Can You Get a Civilian Armoured Vehicle?

Though people are only now becoming aware of it, Nigeria has excelled in producing armoured vehicles. Proforce Limited is a manufacturer of armoured vehicles in Nigeria located in Ode Remo, Ogun State. The company has been in operation for more than 14 years and offers a variety of defence products such as armoured personnel carriers (APCs), armoured cash-in-transit vehicles (CITs), armoured SUVs, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV-Drones), armoured sedans and saloons, bulletproof helmets and vests, military trucks, infantry combat vehicles.

Surprisingly, these cars enjoy a stellar reputation throughout the world for their intricate designs and high levels of productivity, which enable them to successfully compete with products from other countries and adhere to all international requirements. These armoured vehicles were created from the ground up and are worthy of export.

Can a Civilian Own an Armoured Vehicle?

Since owning an armoured vehicle in Nigeria is not prohibited, anyone may do it once you have an end-user certificate approved by the National Security Agency and other relevant agencies. In truth, you are able to register an armoured car for private use. The need of having a high degree of protection cannot be overstated because it protects high net worth individuals, VIPs, entertainers, sports figures, and politicians from potentially deadly attacks. Whether you want it for your family or yourself, you still receive the same beauty and luxury that come with ordinary cars while still getting optimum safety.

Each civilian armoured vehicle produced by Proforce Limited is guaranteed to be discrete and true to the factory version. High-profile individuals, including heads of state, politicians, businesspeople, VIPs, and even celebrities, employ armoured cars and put their trust in Proforce Limited because we promise a high degree of protection and advise customers on the protection that is most appropriate for them.

Want to Upgrade Your Existing Vehicle with Bulletproof Protection?

Armoured vehicles can now dependably provide greater security than personal bodyguards ever before. As a result, there is now a much higher demand for civilian armoured vehicles, particularly in nations like Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey where security is a major concern. Therefore, getting one for yourself right away is the finest choice you can make. Fortunately, because most of the components are made locally, armoured Proforce makes sure that these armoured vehicles are very reasonably priced. No matter the brand, can’t your favourite car be improved with the best defence and enduring comfort? The business is well known for offering a basic factory version civilian armoured vehicle at a very reasonable price.

Why Many Civilians Trust Proforce Limited

 With more than 14 years of expertise in the defence industry, Proforce Limited has worked with many parastatals, including the military, Air force, Navy, and banks, among others providing total defence solutions. Our customers for civilian armoured cars come from a variety of important industries in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Chad, and other nations. Most celebrities, athletes, politicians, and VIPs who have enjoyed our services have realized that getting armoured vehicles in Nigeria has become very easy because Proforce makes it hassle-free. Proforce Limited has made significant investments in R&D with the idea that customer security and comfort come first. We have assembled a highly qualified staff with deep market and industry knowledge who can make the most of the most recent production technology for the security and comfort of our customers. This eliminates its rivals who only have branches in Nigeria in every way. Toyota Land Cruisers, SEDANS, SUVs and armoured trucks are just a few of the civilian vehicles you will find at Proforce Limited.