Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV- Drones)



Wingspan : 2.72m (107 inch)

Length : 1.55m (61 inch)

Max. T/O : 6.5 Kg

Speed : 75 KPH (Max.)

Range : 15 Km

Duration : 1.5 hours

Engine : Elect. motor

Key Features

Launch : Bungee launch with Autonomous Flight

Re-Launch Time : under 10 minutes

Launch : Bungee launch with Autonomous Flight

Landing : Parachute

Payload : DLTV or Thermal Image(Option)

Flight Mode : Waypoint, Emergency, Speed- hold, Altitude-hold, Return-home

Others :
– Flight mode can be changed in flight
– Air vehicle and Target position display on Video monitor


The Remoeye 006 in its operation brings secured and simultaneous tactical situational awareness to ground forces and remote command. Our UAVs operate based on the Vertical Take-Off and Landing(VTOL) flight; therefore it enables fixed hover for precise observation with low-risk retrieval on land or ship.


Our UAV platform brings the world of aerial intelligence directly to ground troops. With an excellent user-interface which allow any soldier become an expert in tactical surveillance gathering.


Proforce UAVs are suitable for quick emergency and disaster response with mission payload, data links and ground control system.

Proforce Unmanned Aerial Vehicles