Research & Development

 Our R & D team keeps working round the clock to ensure high quality standards are maintained.

 We research new materials, test new materials in collaboration with other international defence laboratories and improve existing material.

 We carry out raw materials research, products research, general defence industry research and marketing research.

 Our raw materials research entails testing the properties of existing material to be utilized by our production team as protective solutions in armouring and researching new materials as part of continuous product development.

 Our product research deals with reception of new materials in the defence industry/market, improvement on old products to meet with emerging trends in technological development.

 New materials and processes are constantly being evaluated by our team to develop lighter weight and more cost effective solutions that satisfy every increasing customer demand and performance criteria.

Bulletproof range
Bulletproof Car Ballistic Chart

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team works in collaboration with Proforce’ production team to ensure good quality management practices in terms of quality planning, quality control and quality assurance.

 At Proforce, our first name is consistency. Our engineers and technicians are consistent in accurate measurement and we maintain high quality standards of all our armoured products.

 Proforce manufactures various brands of armoured vehicles according to world recognized standards such as CEN, NIJ, DIN and UL. Our armoured vehicles are produced in consideration of territorial threats to defeat firearms within the threat level selected.

 A sound quality control test is a precondition for selling of all Proforce Armoured mobility products to ensure that our brands exceed customer expectation. With a Proforce manufactured Armoured vehicle be rest assured that you are fully protected and your safety assured.



Our raw materials supplied by the world most renowned suppliers are certified internationally by the best defence laboratories within the globe.

 Proforce is already on the verge of acquiring international certification on all its finished products, which are being tested in the most realistic situation at Beschussamt in Germany against various military ammunitions, grenade and mine blasts.

 Through our relationship and partnership with armour industry experts and security analysts, we incorporate the lessons from real-life events to ensure that protective solutions we provide will respond effectively to dangers our clients will be exposed to.

 Proforce is confident about delivering the most reliable product to its clients.