Armoured SUVs

 We armour various brands of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) with powerful engines and ample space and enough rooms. We incorporate 360 degrees discrete armour protection in all our armoured SUVs with an excellent finish that speaks for the comfort the occupants could enjoy. They are custom designed to customer’s specification and other gadgets can be installed too.

 At Proforce, we use the latest technology and only the best internationally certified ballistic materials for armouring our SUVs.

 All OEM suspensions are replaced with Heavy Duty (HD) suspension system consisting of the HD sway bars, HD shock absorbers, HD coil springs, torsion bars, to compensate for additional weight of armour.

Our armoured SUVs are made with the under-mentioned features:

  • Protection levels exceeding B4/NIJ IIIA and up to B6/NIJ III
  • Entire passenger compartment is protected with ballistic steel (Hard Armour) or composite materials (soft armour) with protective overlaps on all joints to prevent an orifice for the penetration of bullets or EFPs.
  • All fuel tanks armoured and sealed to withstand bullet strikes, IEDs and hand grenades
  • Firewall armoured throughout with ballistic steel following the contours carefully.
  • Roof armoured against sniper shots
  • Floor protected throughout with ballistic steel or anti-blast blankets to repel shocks from blasted grenades and buried bombs.
  • All window glasses replaced with multi-layered bullet resistant glasses with anti-spall splinter films.
  • Front fenders are armoured to protect against side impact bullets.
  • Battery is protected with armour.
  • All door hinges are reinforced to minimize stress of added weight.
  • Protection of exhaust pipe
  • Powered glass operations about 30mm if required
Armoured G-wagon
Armoured Toyota Land Cruiser