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was incorporated in 2008 as a total defence solution provider specialized in armoured vehicles manufacturing and personal protection. The company’s focus is on the delivery of confidence in protective mobility.

We have developed a vibrant market for security and mobile protective products within Nigeria and Africa.

PROFORCE has exploited deep technical know-how to deliver outstanding security solutions for Government Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Diplomatic Communities and the Private Sector within Nigeria and Africa.

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Advantages of Proforce Armoured Vehicles

  • Provision of adequate protective overlaps around door discontinuities & major joints.
  • On-the-spot manufacturing of ballistic glasses, thereby avoiding quick de-lamination.
  • Tailored solution in accordance with customers’ requirements.
  • Enhancement of suspensions based on additional weight.
  • Allowing customers to have a view of the armoured vehicle during production.
  • Use of only internationally certified ballistic raw materials.
  • Installation of ballistic glasses that have passed; temperature, transmissive, multi-hit, vibration, sand and dust tests.
  • Installation of run-flat tire inserts.
  • Utilizing high grade ballistic steel and composite armours.
Armoured Personnel Carriers

Armoured Personnel Carrier

Proforce PF2 APC,

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CEO Message

Engr. Ade Ogundeyin


  • Replacement of delaminated or damaged bullet resistant glass.
  • Replacement of heavy duty suspensions.
  • Replacement of damaged brake systems
  • Armour upgrade
  • Complete refurbishement of accidented vehicles
  • Paint job
  • Replacement of damaged run-flat inserts


Proforce Limited Announces Strategic Partnership with PJSC “AutoKrAZ”


PJSC AUTOKRAZ, the largest Ukrainian producer of heavy-duty vehicles has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Proforce Limited, a total defence solution provider to jointly assemble military and civilian grade KrAZ trucks in Nigeria.

The multiple collaboration agreement between PJSC “AutoKrAZ” and Proforce Limited Company will see the manufacture of heavy-duty off road trucks, under the brand KRAZ-PROFORCE. These vehicles will be produced to highest international standards of quality and customer’s needs for both civil and military markets.

We believe there are many synergies between our companies that can be leveraged to build powerful industrial capability that Nigeria requires.

Over the next 12 months, the Partnership will roll out world standard trucks that are tailored to suit the Nigerian and African markets. This joint venture will impact the economy of Nigeria by creating new jobs, at the same time contributing to the technological development of the country.